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dr Maciej Misiorny
Room No.: 21
phone: +48 61 8 295 165
e-mail: misiorny()

Recent publications

  1. A. Płomińska, M. Misiorny, I. Weymann
    Spin-resolved dynamical conductance of a correlated large-spin magnetic molecule
    Phys. Rev. B 95, 155446 (2017)
  2. M. Misiorny, C. Meyer
    Gate-Voltage Response of a One-Dimensional Ballistic Spin Valve without Spin-Orbit Interaction
    Phys. Rev. App. 7, 024011 (2017)
  3. C. Morgan, M. Misiorny, D. Metten, S. Heedt, T. Schäpers, C. Schneider, C. Meyer
    Impact of Tunnel-Barrier Strength on Magnetoresistance in Carbon Nanotubes
    Phys. Rev. App. 5, 054010 (2016)

Books and reviews

  1. R. Gaudenzi, M. Misiorny, E. Burzuri, M. Wegewijs, H. S. J. Van der Zant
    Transport mirages in single-molecule devices
    J. Chem. Phys. 146, 092330 (2017)