Seminar talks by Łukasz Karwacki

27 April 2017
Spin-orbit torques in heavy metal-ferromagnet heterostructures
5 January 2017
Spin-dependent thermoelectric effects in a quantum dot with Rashba spin-orbit coupling
22 October 2015
Spin-dependent thermoelectric effects in a double quantum dot system with Rashba spin-orbit coupling
15 December 2014
Spin-wave transport through a quantum dot system
20 February 2014
Enhancement of figure of merit due to interference effects in a strongly correlated double quantum dot system
14 November 2013
Magnon-driven Spin Seebeck Effect at Magnetic Interfaces
21 March 2013
Thermoelectric effects in double quantum dot
8 November 2012
Slave boson description of Kondo-correlated quantum dot systems
22 March 2012
The thermoelectric effects in Kondo transport through quantum dots by means of U-finite slave boson approach