Seminar talks by Piotr Trocha

16 November 2017
Thermoelectric effects in a hybrid quantum dot devices
19 January 2017
Thermoelectric effects in quantum dot systems coupled to topological nanowire
25 June 2015
Tunneling induced transparency in multiple-quantum-dot molecules
11 June 2015
Phonon-assisted electronic transport through double quantum dot attached to ferromagnetic leads
26 March 2015
Spin-resolved Andreev transport through double quantum dot Cooper pair splitters
21 November 2013
Spin-dependent Andreev transport through quantum dot weakly coupled to ferromagnetic leads
24 January 2013
Magnon-driven heat engine based on quantum dot device
31 May 2012
Andreev reflection in graphene
10 November 2011
Direct and Crossed Andreev tunneling through double quantum dots coupled to ferromagnetic and superconducting leads; Quantum dot based electronic refrigerator - introduction; Transport of bosons through quantum dot coupled to bosonic reservoirs - introduction